Thursday, March 1, 2018

Edinburgh II: Geography and Design Meet: Replogle Globes Collection
Edinburgh II
The Edinburgh II is a 16 inch raised relief floor standing globe. This blue oceans sphere created by Replogle Globes is a classic yet modern example of cartography. The clean, sophisticated lines of the globe are exquisite without being extravagant. A full swing gyromatic meridian allows for easy navigation of the entire world. The soft blue oceans and brightly colored landmasses make this beautiful piece a welcome addition to any interior space. Additional hardware provides the option to display this sphere as a floor standing globe or as a desktop globe, the choice is yours. Should you choose to display this globe on the floor, the combined height of sphere and stand are 38 inches. A rich walnut finish add class and sophistication to the stand. For reference value, political boundaries and raised relief make the Edinburgh II a relevant centerpiece for years to come. This beautiful globe is functional, elegant and affordable. 

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