Friday, December 1, 2017

The Apollo Political Globe- An Educational Gift for Children

The 9”-inch Apollo Political Globe contains a wealth of information. This free mount globe is the perfect learning tool for students of all ages and held on a plastic clear view base.  This one of a kind globe features a removable sphere mounted on white acrylic base. This allows for 360 degrees of access to the entire sphere. The white stand adds 3 inches for a combined height of 12 inches. A globe like this a perfect addition to any home, classroom or office. The sphere can be handed around a room and for closer inspection of different locations. A brightly colored and contemporary political map provides descriptions of geopolitical boundaries. The pastel colors of continents contrast nicely with the vibrant blues of the bodies of water. A unique feature called an analemma allows viewers to tract the sun's motions in relationship to Planet Earth throughout the year. This globe offers excellent reference value at an affordable price point. 
Apollo Political Kids Globe

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