Thursday, December 21, 2017

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Appreciating Geography, Art, and Architecture through Tabletop Globes 

Tis the season for fun, festivities and decorations. Christmas is only a few days a way and it is a perfect time to consider new ways to decorate interior spaces. In preparation for entertaining guests many people are changing their decor and trying new schemes.  With each changing season, homeowners often consider various ways to redecorate their living spaces. A stylish tabletop globe is a great way to express interior design and beauty while appreciating geography. It's common knowledge that we spend plenty of time in our homes and offices hence the reason to enhance their aesthetics. Additionally, we need fresh ideas, creativity, and a sense of direction at the workplace, which can only be achieved by a functional globe. The world showcases such a beauty and ambiance, and what better way to express that in your living spaces with a beautifully crafted globe map? A great globe will encompass the uniqueness of wanderlust through a colorful and informative piece of art in your space. You can choose a model that blends well with fresh and vibrant room colors to make it the energizing centerpiece in your neutral space.

Travel and Anthropology
When planning to travel the world, a tabletop globe provides a great way to express appreciation of exploration and culture. Globes not only offer aesthetic appeal but also provide a perfect reference Guide. Geographic accuracy coupled with artistic details makes globe maps great pieces for exploring the world.

Accent in Style
Current trends show that richer, darker floorboard designs are gaining popularity. As most people choose to adorn their living spaces with moodier accessories and bolder color, a great globe map is a perfect way to add a touch of vibrancy and versatility to your home or office spaces. You can use tones of dark-brown alongside greys to exhibit a sophisticated, warm feeling to your space.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

10 Days Until Christmas.....Tis the Season

Family gatherings such as Thanksgiving or Christmas are a wonderful time to learn about traditions and roots. The United States of America is a melting pot of diversity. Looking at family photos and talking about stories and experiences in your family's country of origin can be a great way to take a trip down memory lane. Look in a box and see if you have some old photographs from before digital photography became popular. Geography, history, social studies in general, are about how the places we live and the places we want to visit all fit together. They are about why we should leave our homes to see the homes of others and learn how they live and what their homes mean to them. Social studies never felt the same as my other classes. Social studies help us understand our place in the world and respect others cultures, values and traditions. As you look at the globe think of the land of your ancestors, the traditions and values that they brought with them. Think of the native peoples of your country and how these perspectives helped shape your world view. We are more alike than we are different. As you decide on Christmas presents this year maybe a globe is the right one for a special someone on your us at we would be more than happy to help you.

Revolution Globe

Friday, December 8, 2017

Tis the Season to Give a Globe

The holidays are rapidly approaching and many people are frantically searching for the perfect gifts for friends and family. Avoid the rush and panic by purchasing one of our unique globes for each of your loved ones. These gifts are not only beautiful, they're functional, and there's a perfect globe for everyone. Here are a few of our favorites

 Viking Expedition 
Viking Expedition
Replogle Globes Exclusive: This beautiful piece is a synergistic combination of rustic and contemporary. In a style reminiscent of HGTV superstar Joanna Gaines, this globe features a beautiful compass design directly below the antique finished die-cast meridian. The full swing meridian allows users to move the 16-inch globe in all directions for easy viewing. With its earth-toned finish, 40-inch height, and over 4000 locations and points of interest, this is a great conversation piece for any home or office.

Eaton III

The Eaton III Globe 
This globe is a true gift for world travelers, history buffs, and geography enthusiasts. The careful design captures the characteristic feel of ancient parchment globes, while the latest cartography and intricate topographic features keep it relevant to our current environment. The walnut/cherry finished tripod stand and full swing brass meridian add to the elegance of this piece. The globe is 16 inches and the tripod adjusts from 41.25 inches to 52.25 inches. While there is some assembly required, this beautiful globe is absolutely worth it.


The Lancaster Globe
Designed by Replogle, this slightly smaller globe adds an understated elegance to any room. A 12-inch globe that stands a total of 35 inches tall with the stand, the Lancaster features approximately 4000 locations and points of interest as well as clearly delineated country and state boundaries. This beautiful full swing bronze globe situated on a cherry finished stand offers a unique modern touch to any design. The raised relief of the globe combined with the die-cast numbered meridian make this a truly original and artistic piece that will be a treasured gift for years to come.


The Barrel Globe
Also by Replogle, the 16-inch Frank Lloyd Wright Barrel World Globe is a magnificent piece of art that is truly in a league of its own. The stunning stand is adapted from a modification of the famous Barrel Chair originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1903. The globe stands a total of 39 inches tall and its distinct features, antique details, and unique charm make it worthy of a place of prominence in even the most elegant rooms. This gift not only shows careful thought but an intricate attention to detail and an innate eye for beauty.


Friday, December 1, 2017

The Apollo Political Globe- An Educational Gift for Children

The 9”-inch Apollo Political Globe contains a wealth of information. This free mount globe is the perfect learning tool for students of all ages and held on a plastic clear view base.  This one of a kind globe features a removable sphere mounted on white acrylic base. This allows for 360 degrees of access to the entire sphere. The white stand adds 3 inches for a combined height of 12 inches. A globe like this a perfect addition to any home, classroom or office. The sphere can be handed around a room and for closer inspection of different locations. A brightly colored and contemporary political map provides descriptions of geopolitical boundaries. The pastel colors of continents contrast nicely with the vibrant blues of the bodies of water. A unique feature called an analemma allows viewers to tract the sun's motions in relationship to Planet Earth throughout the year. This globe offers excellent reference value at an affordable price point. 
Apollo Political Kids Globe

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