Friday, November 17, 2017

A Panorama of the Earth that fits on Your Desktop.....

The Panorama is another beautiful globe that has recently been added to our collection at Replogle Globe Store. The blue oceans and vibrant colors separating continents and countries are a nice contrast. The unique acrylic stand is transparent and diagonal. With over 4,000 description of landmarks and geopolitical boundaries this is an excellent reference tool and conversation piece. The Panorama rotates 360 degrees for total access to any point on the globe. Ocean topography is also featured in detail. A globe like this one is an excellent addition to your office or home. With the holidays around the corner this is also a good choice for a present. 

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Friday, November 10, 2017

A New Addition to the Replogle Globes Collection: The Consulate Globe

The Consulate Globe is a collaboration between classic and modern styling. A 12” inch sphere featuring blue oceans and mounted on a unique acrylic base. This one of a kind globe rotates 360 degrees for easy navigation. An excellent addition to interior decor for a home or office. The total dimension of the assembled globe are 15 H x 13 W x 12 D. The Consulate Globe weighs 5 lbs and includes over 100 descriptions of geopolitic boundaries, countries, landmarks and topography.

Consulate Globe

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Friday, November 3, 2017

A Globe at Midnight: Geography meets Art

The Midnight Globe from Replogle has recently been added to our collection here at the Replogle Globe Store. This unique globe features a black sphere, the oceans and political stylings are all outlined in black. Detailed descriptions of oceanography and landmarks make this a great reference tool and focal point for any home, classroom or office. The 12" sphere is mounted on a tapered, stainless-steel base. A gyromatic semi-meridian allows for navigation in any direction, making for 360 degrees of access to any point in the world. For information contact us at 

Midnight Globe