Friday, October 27, 2017

The 16" Madison Floor Globe: A Classic yet Modern Choice

For a classic and beautiful globe to adorn your library or study look no further.
This 16" Madison Floor Globe combines modern and classic aesthetics. The dark, mocha hardwood stand supports this antique oceans sphere in style. The globe features the most current cartography and oceanography. The sphere features raised relief topography. The stand and globe achieve a combined height of 31 inches, a width of 21.5 inches and a depth of 21.5. The combined weight is 23.5 lbs. The Madison Floor Globe is a great choice for a holiday present. We are pleased to be adding this globe to our Replogle Globe Store offerings.

Madison Globe

Friday, October 6, 2017

Explaining Geography, Cartography, Anthropology to Children

To a child, the world can be a giant, scary place. Most have not had the chance to travel, and all they know about the outside world is their own surroundings. For a child to get a grasp of what the world is like, it is important to give an introduction to into subjects like geography, cartography, and anthropology. Each of these studies has the ability to open minds to endless possibilities.


Whether it is their hometown, their state, or maybe just the street they live on, grade school children will already have a vague idea about their general locations. The study of the earth's physical features teaches what is beyond their own front door. Hearing about locations of other countries and continents can trigger a more in-depth thirst for knowledge that the child may have been lacking previously. When done properly, geography is something new and fun that anyone would look
forward to.



 After geography comes cartography. The science of drawing maps can range from a simple depiction of the United States to a vastly detailed image of the area surrounding the Appalachian Mountains. Certain groups of people are visual learners, while others excel with more hands on learning. Having children draw their own maps will add a new facet to their studies. The world is no longer only what they see, but what they themselves are a part of.




 The study of other cultures and their development will often spark an interest in travel early on in the child's life. Anthropology gives an inside look at different societies all over the world. Interesting facts about other societies and cultures show just how different the world can be. Many also find it interesting to know how similar daily life can be even when a person lives on the other side of the globe. While the world is often a big place in the mind of a child, learning about it can make it much less intimidating. There are many different ways to teach a child about the outside world. Even if all they know is the space from their own front door to the entrance to their classroom, it is important that they are able to learn what lies beyond. With the proper tools and information, social studies can go from something as boring as reading from a textbook, to something exciting like a cultural experience day. The Replogle Globe for Kids is the perfect desktop sized globe for those that love geography and animals. Over 200 illustrations of animals located in the general region that they reside makes this an excellent resource for any classroom or library. The illuminated LED means that this can serve as a nightlight once the sun goes do.  A solid base and a metal meridian means easy navigation and durability.
Replogle Globe for Kids

Contact us here to find out about other instruments you can use to enhance the knowledge of children. They will find out quickly how much fun our planet can be.