Friday, August 11, 2017

Back to School, Learning about World: The Intelliglobe

Study geography with the Intelliglobe. Its finally August, the summer is drawing to a close and students are savoring their final days of freedom. Countdown until entering the classroom again. Back to the classroom, back to maps and globes and learning about the world around them. The study of geography is a great way to provide context for our stories as humans. Students who have a firm grasp of geography are better able to process key moments in our history, and have fewer misunderstandings when exposed to world literature. Teaching children geography helps them identify their place in the world. Technological advances provides innovative ways of helping students understand the world around them and the relationships that humans have with the Land. All children like games and the Intelliglobe provides a unique way for children to experience hands on exploration of the globe. The self-directed activities provide opportunities for independence and for inquisitive minds to grasp the world around them.

Kids simply touch the pen to the globe to learn thousands of facts about their world. This globe provides topographic as well as geo-political information, and comes with an inclusive World Discovery Book. The Intelliglobe features multiple games and trivia challenges, making it an excellent option for teachers to include during rotating group activities. GeoSafari globes are a fun option for the home or classroom.

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