Friday, April 14, 2017

The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection of Replogle Globes

A Brief History of Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright is recognized as the premier architect of the 20th century. Throughout his prolific career he designed the blueprints for nearly 1000 structures. Approximately 500 of these structures actually come to fruition and were built. His was an extensive career which lasted nearly 70 years set the precedence for innovation in American architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright was born to William Carey Wright and Anna Lloyd Jones, respectively a preacher and school teacher on June 8, 1867. The Wright family called the valley of Spring Green, Wisconsin their home. In 1885, Wright's parents divorced, financial challenges and a need to support the family led Wright to work for the Dean of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin. This early exposure to engineering served as a catalyst for Wright's interest in becoming an architect. Wright devoted his life to exploring the transformative power of architecture. Wright believed that an appreciation of solid aesthetics would enhance the overall condition of society. " Above all integrity, building like people must first be sincere, then be true, said Wright. Architecture was a means of creating environments that were functional yet "eloquent and humane". Extensive experimentation with various geometric shapes can be seen throughout the structures built by Wright. The importance of organic harmony between furnishings and the building themselves is a reoccurring theme throughout his work.

An Artistic Partnership

At Replogle Globe Store it is our distinct honor and privilege to offer an exclusive collection of globes created from various blueprints drawn by Wright. These globes represent a partnership between Replogle Globes and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and are inspired by original sketches of furniture designed by Wright himself.  These are a few of the beautiful pieces offered as part of this collection                                  


The Frank Lloyd Wright Globe Stand is an actual reproduction and adaption of a concept drawn for one the Prairie Homes designed by Wright in the early 1900s. The maple wooden stand supports a 16-inch sphere featuring antique oceans.

Beth Sholom

The Beth Sholom Globe is inspired by the Beth Sholom Synagogue located in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Wright commenced work on this structure in 1954, this an adaptation of his design for a hexagonal walnut a copper planter located in the center of the building. The Beth Sholom Synagogue is now considered a national landmark.

Barrel Globe 

The Barrel is a 16 inch sphere mounted on a wooden oak stand, the blueprint from this design was inspired by the Barrel Chair which was designed in 1903 and modified for use in Wright's home the Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin and Herbert F. Johnson's home known as"Wingspread" located in Racine, Wisconsin.

San Marcos

The San Marcos was inspired by a remolding project that Wright attempted in 1928, the project was never completed due to the Great Depression of 1929. Wright designed a renovation of the San Marcos hotel located on the outskirts in Chandler, Arizona. This globe stand is based on the plans created for a accent table in the Dining Pavilion of the hotel

Frank Lloyd Wright has left and indelible mark on American architecture, a globe is a simple way of expressing an appreciation of culture and history. A simple way to bring the skill and craftsmanship of yesteryear into your own space. 

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Functional Art and Reference Tool: The Crystal Marquise Globe

Globes, Art and Reference Tools

Globes aren't just globes, globes are pieces of art and reference tools. Globes are conversation pieces, globes are a tangible reminder that each of us calls a separate space on Planet Earth home. Every individual has a unique window or perspective on the world based on the region of the globe that they call home. Across the world there are so many different language groups, ethnic groups, ecosystems and religious traditions. A globe is a great way to learn more about geography and people groups. You can choose a country to learn about each month and use your globe to remember where different countries are on the map. Life is about learning and growing and having a globe nearby is a great way to maintain a global perspective. You can even involve your family, friends or coworkers by asking each other questions about the different countries. If you are looking for a globe for your home or office look no further the Crystal Marquise  is the perfect choice.

Crystal Marquise

Placement of Your Globe

Your desktop or bookcase deserves to be adorned with a beautiful and artistic globe conveying your appreciation of aesthetics and good taste. Look no further than the Crystal Marquise Globe. This monochromatic silver sphere is one of our highest quality desktop globe. This spherical representation of the planet is 12-inches in diameter and features a diagonal stand. There are geopolitical descriptions outlining the boundaries of countries as well as their capital cities. The oceans are depicted in a light more translucent silver tone, while the continents are a deeper more metallic silver. The names of countries are outlined in red. The minimalistic design of this globe adds significant appeal as a conversation piece on a coffee table or any interior space with a streamlined design theme. This compact yet elegant globe weights on 3 lbs., the stand and sphere are a combined height of 16 inches.

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