Monday, March 13, 2017

MOVA Globes: A Cordless, Powerless, Self-Rotating Globe

The MOVA globe represents a masterful intersection between geography and technology.

This diminutive and artistic representation of Planet Earth harness natural and artificial light as a power source. This spherical model of our terrestrial home requires no external power source, no cords, no expensive batteries to purchase and replace. Like planetary body suspended in space it revolves on its axis. A work of art like this belongs on your desktop! What a great conversation piece.

Mova 4.5 Silver & Black Metallic Revolving Globe

The World in Motion

The particular line of globes represents an exceptional level of craftsmanship. Polished polymer, resin shells and a propriety blend of non-toxic fluids allow the sphere to be rotate freely. A combination of magnets, solar cells and other components complete this sophisticated mechanism and allow it to derive its power source from ambient light. This wonder of science and art is a great conversation piece to adorn any bookcase, coffee table or desktop. The two spheres comprising the globe are nestled inside of each other, the. The exterior sphere provides the kinetic energy for rotation, it is encapsulated within the interior sphere which is transparent and contains fluid. This allows for the fluid motion as the sphere moves in a pattern similar to the Planet Earth revolving on its axis. The self-rotating MOVA globe works for the simply reason that the globe and the liquid it is contained in have almost identical levels of density.

Renewable and Self Contained Energy

As the spheres rotate in unison the liquid in which they are suspended redistributes itself evenly. This lack of friction is what makes the whole process work. The composition of the interior sphere allows it to be semi-permeable and some of the light spectrum is able to penetrate the image. The magnetic field of the device synchronized itself to the magnetic field of Planet Earth, very similar to effect a compass aligning itself in response to the gravitational pull of the Earth's core. The photovoltaic cells contained inside the spheres store energy which generates the momentum necessary for constant rotation.

Geography and Technology

The wonders of geography and technology have combined to create this fascinating masterpiece, a brilliant display of the laws of nature. MOVA globes are available in a variety of colors and sizes, you are sure to find one in our selection that would make a welcome addition to your interior space. Sit back, relax and enjoy your rotating globe as it completes its orbit. Lie back on the couch and plan your next vacation or business trip. The model featured above is the MOVA 4.5" Silver & Black Metallic Revolving Globe

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