Friday, December 9, 2016

Holiday Shopping Suggestions: 5 Desktop Globes Gift Ideas

Holiday presents should be elegant, sophisticated and useful. Globes satisfy all three of these requirements. Tis the season to be jolly and generous. Take a look at these desktop globes as you consider what gifts are suitable for your family, friends and coworkers. These desktop globes are compact, easy to move and provide an elegant addition to your interior decor. Here are five options to explore this holiday season.

Globe 4 Kids

Our first option makes a great gift for the younger crowd. Geography is such a crucial part of a child's education about the world around them. The Globe 4 Kids has over 125 illustrations of people, landmarks and wildlife. The 10-inch sphere features blue oceans and is illuminated by an internal LED. The sphere is mounted on a silver colored plastic base and has a semi-meridian of the same color.  The bright colors and fascinating descriptions are sure to hold the attention of your little adventurer for a long time to come.

There is something particularly appealing about the old school charm of the Premier from Replogle Globes. Antique oceans, raised relief, and a brass plated full meridian are reminiscent of a bygone era. The rich and luxurious cherry wooden base is sure to a please a teacher, professor, or other professional. This three-dimensional representation of Planet Earth is sure to be an eye catching centerpiece for a coffee table or bookcase. The globe is an excellent reference tool containing the latest information regarding geopolitical boundaries in its own right. However, the wooden base also features a compartment for a hardcover copy of the Rand McNally Premier Word Atlas. The Premier is 12-inches in diameter the stand and sphere reach a height of 18 inches. A classic globe                                              with antique styling this is a welcome addition to any professional setting.


The Freedom from Replogle Globes is a sensational choice for a holiday present. Lovers of nature and American heritage will share an interest in this one of a kind figure of the Earth. The 12-inch sphere rests a top a bronze colored relief of an eagle. The wings of the eagle are spread in flight invoking a commanding and powerful presence. The majestic and metallic eagle rests on a wooden base. The cherry finished wood is an excellent complement to the die cast full meridian. The reference value of this globe is equal to its aesthetic appeal. The antique styled maps has raised reliefs and detailed descriptions of geopolitical boundaries. The Freedom is another excellent choice for office d├ęcor. A conference room would definitely be enhanced by the impressive nature of this centerpiece.

The Mariner is a unique globe from Waypoint Geographic that features both ocean topography and cartography. This globe provides a level of detailed information regarding the ocean floor that is not provided on most globes. The geopolitical boundaries are updated with each production cycle ensuring that the most relevant information is provided. The sphere features blue oceans and is mounted a top of two-tiered wood base. The deep burgundy of the wooden base is an beautiful complement to the rest of the globe.


There are world globes and then there are commanding centerpieces. And there are fantastic globes like this one that are both. If you are looking for a masterful model of Planet Earth look no further. The Mythical Atlas supports this sphere on his shoulders, recounting the tale of antiquity. Atlas stoically bears the consequences for his misdeeds, his muscular body carved from bronze relief flex under the weight of the Earth. The 12-inch sphere stand 20 inches tall when mounted a top its stand. Antique oceans and bronze continents are depicted in raised relief with political boundaries. The Atlas features a full meridian allows maximum maneuverability. This work of art will find a wonderful new home on your coffee table, dining room, library or bookshelf.

For information on these and other globes, please take a look at our website. Additional inspiration for holiday gifts is also there. We have several globes that would make ideal presents for both children and adults available in various sizes and models.