Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2017 New and Improved Intelliglobe- The Perfect Holiday Present

Benefits of Educational Toys As Holiday Presents

Educational toys like the Intelliglobe II are one of the best Holiday presents available for a school age child. Every Holiday Season children receive toys for the Winter Holidays. Toys that had kids enthralled during the Holiday season are quickly discarded in favor of something more exciting. What a waste!  Everyone wants a holiday gift that provides the long term enjoyment. The Intelliglobe offers hours of interactive and educational fun for years to come. 

Why the Intelliglobe?

Intelliglobe II
Unlike other toys the Intelliglobe II offers updates for new activities. The engaging activities are suitable for all school age children. Various player modes and trivia allow extended learning. An educational game like this one gives children a chance to become familiar with the geography of Planet Earth and to acquire practical knowledge of the world around us. The high quality graphics and sound makes the Intelliglobe more like a video game. The fun and enjoyment of a good game with the educational value of a geography lesson. The Intelliglobe II is accompanied by a wireless pen to decipher symbols on the globe and in the World Discovery Book.

Intellipen and World Discovery Book: Accessories

World Discovery Book
The Intellipen is used with the globe and World Discovery Book to play games and learn facts about the world. To learn information about a particular region use the Intellipen to select from the following categories. The Featured Categories include: Continents, Cities, States & Provinces, Population, Official Language, Economics, Life Expectancy, Main Industry, Ecology, Climate, Time Zone, Food, Geology/Natural Resources and other topics of interest. There is also a feature for comparing different features between countries. The informational booklet has plenty of trivia about bodies of water, animals, explorers, the Solar System, Time Zones and other topics of interest. A USB cable is provided that serves as a means of charging the Intellipen and also downloading new activities and information. The Intelliglobe II is a toy that never stops providing opportunities for fun and learning new information.
This toy is sure to be enjoyed not just until New Year's but for years to come.

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