Monday, October 24, 2016

The Smart Infinity Globe- A Perfect Christmas Present for Your Tiny Tot


      Why Educational Toys?           

Opportunities to combine education and fun make excellent choices for Holiday presents. Developing a good understanding of geography will benefit children inside and outside the classroom. Understanding their physical relationship to the world around them helps children develop a sense of global consciousness and civic responsibility. The Smart Infinity Globe is a perfect option for any child over the age of five years. An educational toy such as this one offers many benefits. There are many options for Christmas presents for school-age children and many of them will be outgrown and discarded in a fairly short amount of time. The Smart Infinity Globe is a toy that will continue to offer hours of fun and learning for years to come. At approximately 12 inches in diameter the reasonable size of this globe makes it a convenient carry on car trips. There are over two and a half hours of educational content contained in this device. Connectivity to iOS and Android apps offers access to even more activities.  The device easily updates to provide new and relevant content. A special Smart Pen is included to help kids find places and record audio notes. The Smart Pen has a built in speaker and comes with a USB cable. The Smart Infinity Globe offers multi-sensory engagement for maximum information retention.

Smart Infinity Globe 

Up to 4,000 questions can be stored in this device, a Micro SD card is included for internal storage and the Smart Pen requires 2 AAA batteries which are included. Large buttons make this toy easy for children to navigate and enjoy. Instead of books, video games or less interesting and educationally beneficial gifts, consider getting the little adventurers on your list an educational toy that they will appreciate and enjoy for several years to come. For additional questions and information regarding the Smart Infinity Globe please contact us at

Friday, October 14, 2016

Keeping Up With the Times- Replogle Updatable Globe Program

 Wars, trade agreements and other changes in the geopolitical landscape mean that it is time to update your globe. Here at Replogle Globe Store we value providing you with the most current and up- to-date products and offer a discount of up to fifty-percent of the retail value of a replacement sphere or ball and ring as part of our Updatable Globe Program. This discount is available in the United States. In order to redeem this discount you will need to record the model number of your globe and the month and date of purchase in a safe place. In the event of a change in geopolitical boundaries, country names, capital city or other updates affecting the validity of the globe you will need this information. 

Prior to contacting the Replogle Globe Store, please gather this information:

1. Make sure that the sphere of the globe you would like to update is a Replogle product. 
This information can be located inside the crest of the map which is located in the Pacific Ocean above Hawaii.

2. Please make sure that your globe is no older the 15 years. For assistance in determining the age of the sphere, reference the article on " How Old Is Your Globe" 

3. Note what material your globe is constructed from press craft or vinyl

4.  Include two photographs of your globe, one needs to include the sphere and a second photo needs to include the stand as well as a close-up of the South Pole.

5. This offer currently includes several 9", 12", 16", 20" and 32" globe balls, please measure the diameter of your globe and include this measurement.

6. Please submit your request for this discount along with your photos to, in order to assist you we will need all of this information.

Additional fees such as taxes or shipping and handling may be applicable. Replogle Globe Store reserves the right to discontinue any product. Globes that have been discontinued may no longer be available as replacement, a substitute may be provided instead. Allow approximately 6-8 weeks for delivery