Friday, September 30, 2016

Frank Lloyd Wright Barrel World Globe

Frank Lloyd Wright Barrel
This one of a kind 16-inch Frank Lloyd Wright Barrel World Globe is a distinguished work of art. An original adaptation of a furniture design in the  Frank Lloyd Wright foundation archives, this is a modification of the Barrel Chair originally designed by Wright for his own personal use.  This piece was created in cooperation with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The overall dimensions of the globe  are approximately 39"h x 21"w x 21"d. The sphere itself is 16" inches and features bronze metallic continents and antique oceans. The globe is mounted on a walnut finished wooden stand and has a full meridian. The geopolitical boundaries and descriptions provide excellent reference value. This globe stands 39- inches tall and makes a commanding conversation piece that will draw attention in your home or office. A full swing meridian in brass accents the rich walnut wood of the stand. The distinct antique style of the map oozes with old-world charm, the oceans are parchment colored and the continents are bronze hued.

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