Monday, April 6, 2015

3-Steps to Determining a Globes Age

Many people inquire with us about how to determine the age of their globe. Perhaps you found a globe while cleaning out the attic, at a garage sale or it has been handed down within your family. Dating an old globe can be fairly easy and comes down to a simple game of elimination, which in itself can be a true test of how well you know your geography!

While manufacturers differ on the types of information that is included on their maps, if you have identified your item as a Replogle Globe, you can use the "How Old is Your Globe" chart provided at the Replogle Globe Stores website.

Here are the basic steps to determine your globes age:

1. Using the How Old is Your Globe chart, start at the top of the list of New Names in the left column. Helpful Hint: In the right column we have listed the approximate location of the place you are looking for (to test your knowledge, try not to use the right column, its like a cheat sheet).

Globe Dating Chart
2. Once you have reached a point in the list that you can no longer find the new name, check to see if the former name is present.

3. Once you have found a former name, check the date column, this is the approximate age of your globe. We encourage you to look at a few additional names down the list just to make sure the update to that name was not delayed for some reason.

There are very few globe manufacturers still in operation around the world. Some of the oldest globe manufacturers that are still in business are still relatively young around the 70 to 100 year mark. So if you are trying to date a globe older than 70 years or so, you may want to consult an expert or visit our friends at Murray Hudson. They also provide a nice dating chart that goes back to 1817 when New Holland became Australia.

If you would like a globe that you can keep current. The Replogle Globe Store offers the full line of Replogle Globes. Many of the traditional globes are offered with our "Updatable Globe Program", where you can purchase a new globe ball at a discount when there are changes in the world.

Have Fun Dating Your Globe!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Back to Austin (the globe)

Replogle Globes announced earlier this year that it will bring back the Austin Globe to its fine selection of classic floor standing globes. Its plans are to make this item available in both a Blue and Antique style map. The Austin is a 16-inch globe ball with illumination that is set with a full die-cast numbered meridian in a cradle style hardwood stand.

The Austin had been a part of the Replogle catalog in years past and was taken off in recent years.

We believe one of the reasons for bringing back one of our favorites is the affordable price point that consumers have asked for. While not an inexpensive globe, it is one of the better choices when looking for an illuminated globe under $1k.

Find out more details about the Austin Globe by visiting our website!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Discovery Has Landed! (sorry.... ended)

Over the years Replogle Globes has partnered with Discovery developing and publishing a line of globes developed and sold under the Discovery brand. We have learned in the last several weeks that this branding co-op has ended, bringing an end to the availability of these items.

While it is not quite known why the two mega-brands decided to move in separate directions or if they will come back together sometime in the future one thing is for sure, Replogle has not let up in their position as the worlds leader in the manufacturing of its well know product line.

In fact, Replogle has added an additional 6 items to its line up this year, and we are excited to bring them to you. Keep checking our blog for future reviews of these new items as they are released, including the new Kingsly, Adams, Bartlett and Nicollet Globes which are manufactured and sold under the National Geographic brand!

If you have not considered a globe for your home or office, we encourage you to take a look at how these classic items can add a touch of flair and sophistication to any setting.