Friday, October 24, 2014

New: Salem Globe by Replogle

New product out of production in the Replogle line is the new Salem Globe. The Salem features a natural and walnut two-tone wood base. This base matches and complements the antique globe and antique brass plated die-cast semi-meridian perfectly. The 12 inch diameter globe also features raised relief to help you gain a better perspective of the contours of our world.

The semi-meridian style mounting is a standard mounting found on many of the Replogle 12 inch desktop globes and allows for easy turning of the globe while viewing either right or left. The two toned walnut wood base is a nice change from the single color cherry finished bases found on many of the Replogle items. In our opinion a great color variation for decor purposes for the home or office.

The overall size has a width of 13 inches including the meridian and depth of 12 inches the size of the globe ball. The overall height is 16 inches and weighs approximately 4 pounds.

We are looking forward to seeing customer pictures of how they fit this item into their personal home or office decor. If you would like to submit your design photo, please email to our customer support and receive a special discount on future orders. We may even include it in an upcoming Facebook post!

Click here to check out the new Salem Globe at Replogle Globe Store!