Friday, June 6, 2014

New: Trenton Globe by Replogle

New product out of production in the Replogle line is the new Trenton Globe. The Trenton's stately design and hand turned legs and center post provide an attractive backdrop for its 20 inch antique illuminated hand covered globe ball. The globe ball is held by a beautiful fully engraved aluminum meridian in a brushed brass color, with touch-on light control.

This particular mounting design keeps the globe in place by seating the globe between two notches cut out in the top wood ring and resting on the center post allowing you to turn the globe similar to the stearing wheel of a car as well as spin the globe left or right. This is a typical mounting for most of the 20 inch floor standing line.

The overall size has a width and depth of 27 inches and overall height of 37.2 inches. The wood stand is finished in a darker walnut finish and the overall weight of the globe and stand is 30 pounds.

Unlike most production globe balls, this antique colored map is hand applied, giving that extra touch of class. A very good addition at a reasonable price point makes owning a larger globe more affordable than ever.

Find out more product details by visiting the Trenton Globe by clicking here.