Friday, April 14, 2017

The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection of Replogle Globes

A Brief History of Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright is recognized as the premier architect of the 20th century. Throughout his prolific career he designed the blueprints for nearly 1000 structures. Approximately 500 of these structures actually come to fruition and were built. His was an extensive career which lasted nearly 70 years set the precedence for innovation in American architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright was born to William Carey Wright and Anna Lloyd Jones, respectively a preacher and school teacher on June 8, 1867. The Wright family called the valley of Spring Green, Wisconsin their home. In 1885, Wright's parents divorced, financial challenges and a need to support the family led Wright to work for the Dean of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin. This early exposure to engineering served as a catalyst for Wright's interest in becoming an architect. Wright devoted his life to exploring the transformative power of architecture. Wright believed that an appreciation of solid aesthetics would enhance the overall condition of society. " Above all integrity, building like people must first be sincere, then be true, said Wright. Architecture was a means of creating environments that were functional yet "eloquent and humane". Extensive experimentation with various geometric shapes can be seen throughout the structures built by Wright. The importance of organic harmony between furnishings and the building themselves is a reoccurring theme throughout his work.

An Artistic Partnership

At Replogle Globe Store it is our distinct honor and privilege to offer an exclusive collection of globes created from various blueprints drawn by Wright. These globes represent a partnership between Replogle Globes and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and are inspired by original sketches of furniture designed by Wright himself.  These are a few of the beautiful pieces offered as part of this collection                                  


The Frank Lloyd Wright Globe Stand is an actual reproduction and adaption of a concept drawn for one the Prairie Homes designed by Wright in the early 1900s. The maple wooden stand supports a 16-inch sphere featuring antique oceans.

Beth Sholom

The Beth Sholom Globe is inspired by the Beth Sholom Synagogue located in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Wright commenced work on this structure in 1954, this an adaptation of his design for a hexagonal walnut a copper planter located in the center of the building. The Beth Sholom Synagogue is now considered a national landmark.

Barrel Globe 

The Barrel is a 16 inch sphere mounted on a wooden oak stand, the blueprint from this design was inspired by the Barrel Chair which was designed in 1903 and modified for use in Wright's home the Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin and Herbert F. Johnson's home known as"Wingspread" located in Racine, Wisconsin.

San Marcos

The San Marcos was inspired by a remolding project that Wright attempted in 1928, the project was never completed due to the Great Depression of 1929. Wright designed a renovation of the San Marcos hotel located on the outskirts in Chandler, Arizona. This globe stand is based on the plans created for a accent table in the Dining Pavilion of the hotel

Frank Lloyd Wright has left and indelible mark on American architecture, a globe is a simple way of expressing an appreciation of culture and history. A simple way to bring the skill and craftsmanship of yesteryear into your own space. 

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Functional Art and Reference Tool: The Crystal Marquise Globe

Globes, Art and Reference Tools

Globes aren't just globes, globes are pieces of art and reference tools. Globes are conversation pieces, globes are a tangible reminder that each of us calls a separate space on Planet Earth home. Every individual has a unique window or perspective on the world based on the region of the globe that they call home. Across the world there are so many different language groups, ethnic groups, ecosystems and religious traditions. A globe is a great way to learn more about geography and people groups. You can choose a country to learn about each month and use your globe to remember where different countries are on the map. Life is about learning and growing and having a globe nearby is a great way to maintain a global perspective. You can even involve your family, friends or coworkers by asking each other questions about the different countries. If you are looking for a globe for your home or office look no further the Crystal Marquise  is the perfect choice.

Crystal Marquise

Placement of Your Globe

Your desktop or bookcase deserves to be adorned with a beautiful and artistic globe conveying your appreciation of aesthetics and good taste. Look no further than the Crystal Marquise Globe. This monochromatic silver sphere is one of our highest quality desktop globe. This spherical representation of the planet is 12-inches in diameter and features a diagonal stand. There are geopolitical descriptions outlining the boundaries of countries as well as their capital cities. The oceans are depicted in a light more translucent silver tone, while the continents are a deeper more metallic silver. The names of countries are outlined in red. The minimalistic design of this globe adds significant appeal as a conversation piece on a coffee table or any interior space with a streamlined design theme. This compact yet elegant globe weights on 3 lbs., the stand and sphere are a combined height of 16 inches.

Check out our website for additional globes of all kinds. Our offerings include educational toys, decorative globes and floor globes, there is sure to be one that is just right for your needs

Friday, March 31, 2017

Geography: The intersection of economics, meteorology, and anthropology

Geography is the study of people, place and changes in locations across the globe. Since the beginning of time mankind has sought to understand our planetary home. Explorers of a bygone era sought to identify and chart the far reaches of Planet Earth. Over the course of several millennia expeditions were commissioned to compile knowledge about the human experience. From the historical records of Magellan, Christopher Columbus, Prince Henry the Navigator and others we gradually acquired a knowledge of the 6 continents. Thanks to the exploration of Matthew Henson and Robert Peary, Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott we also acquired knowledge of the North and  South Poles. The simplest way to explain or convey the findings of these adventures was by using maps and globes. Bit by bit over the past several centuries mankind's knowledge of the globe has been compiled into the modern representations of the world that we have today. With the increase of technology our exploration and the accompanying cartography have extended far beyond terra firma to include the depths of the ocean floor and the outer space. And we continue to create maps and globes updated to include the constellations of the night sky and ocean topography.  For more information about the night sky check out the Constellations Globe 

Constellations Globe by Replogle

The Record of Mankind's Travels

Maps and globes have allowed humanity to record the fruit of exploration over the past few millenia. Planet Earth is filled with various ecosystems, flora and fauna, ethnic groups and languages. The collective study of all these things is part of the discipline known as geography. However there is so much more to geography than just a globe or map, or a voyage of exploration. Geography is not just about an explorer's trip to some distant land, or a newly discovered place. Geography is not just about spinning a globe or finding a place on the map. Geography incorporates aspects of economics, anthropology, and current events. The topography of various areas of the globe has a significant impact on the choice made by different demographics. Migration patterns population density, traditional diets and habits of commerce are all impacted by geography. Traditional styles of clothing are impact by geography, because location determines climate and climate determines weather which in turn determines choices of textiles. Natural phenomena such as changes in the seasons, inclement weather and natural disasters all shape the experiences an individual has while living in a particular location.


Benefits of Geography and Owning a Globe

Studying geography can help an individual find their place within the global community. The modern world is very interconnect. Learning to think critically about one's personal identity and place within the globe community has become an essential part of being a global citizen. Countries have become intertwined, media, e-commerce, education and other aspects of everyday life exist in a state of interdependence. Goods are manufactured in China, the UK, the Middle East, South America and sold in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Produce appears on US shelves from farms in Mexico, Guatamala or even Canada. No country stand alone. No individual stands alone. Learn more about the dynamic and rapidly changing world of the twenty-first century with a new globe or map reflecting the very latest in geopolitical descriptions and landmarks. Use one of these elegant globes as a design piece and as a reference tool. The Spectrum globe is an excellent choice for tabletops and desktops, find this and other artistic globes at our website

Monday, March 13, 2017

MOVA Globes: A Cordless, Powerless, Self-Rotating Globe

The MOVA globe represents a masterful intersection between geography and technology.

This diminutive and artistic representation of Planet Earth harness natural and artificial light as a power source. This spherical model of our terrestrial home requires no external power source, no cords, no expensive batteries to purchase and replace. Like planetary body suspended in space it revolves on its axis. A work of art like this belongs on your desktop! What a great conversation piece.

Mova 4.5 Silver & Black Metallic Revolving Globe

The World in Motion

The particular line of globes represents an exceptional level of craftsmanship. Polished polymer, resin shells and a propriety blend of non-toxic fluids allow the sphere to be rotate freely. A combination of magnets, solar cells and other components complete this sophisticated mechanism and allow it to derive its power source from ambient light. This wonder of science and art is a great conversation piece to adorn any bookcase, coffee table or desktop. The two spheres comprising the globe are nestled inside of each other, the. The exterior sphere provides the kinetic energy for rotation, it is encapsulated within the interior sphere which is transparent and contains fluid. This allows for the fluid motion as the sphere moves in a pattern similar to the Planet Earth revolving on its axis. The self-rotating MOVA globe works for the simply reason that the globe and the liquid it is contained in have almost identical levels of density.

Renewable and Self Contained Energy

As the spheres rotate in unison the liquid in which they are suspended redistributes itself evenly. This lack of friction is what makes the whole process work. The composition of the interior sphere allows it to be semi-permeable and some of the light spectrum is able to penetrate the image. The magnetic field of the device synchronized itself to the magnetic field of Planet Earth, very similar to effect a compass aligning itself in response to the gravitational pull of the Earth's core. The photovoltaic cells contained inside the spheres store energy which generates the momentum necessary for constant rotation.

Geography and Technology

The wonders of geography and technology have combined to create this fascinating masterpiece, a brilliant display of the laws of nature. MOVA globes are available in a variety of colors and sizes, you are sure to find one in our selection that would make a welcome addition to your interior space. Sit back, relax and enjoy your rotating globe as it completes its orbit. Lie back on the couch and plan your next vacation or business trip. The model featured above is the MOVA 4.5" Silver & Black Metallic Revolving Globe

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Globes: Interior Decorating Updates for 2017

The True Value and Beauty of Exclusive and Unique Globes

The globe is the quintessential representation of our world in all its mystery and beauty. What better way to display such a powerful symbol than with a gorgeous, hand-crafted globe? Many famous globes have been made with choice materials and fine workmanship that merits their expensive cost. At Replogle Globes, we understand the true value and of such a time-honored symbol. Oftentimes we might gaze at a globe and be captured by the past experiences of history. The globe represents far more than just a rendering of our world. It also serves as a regal decoration, a unique and fascinating hobby, or as a cherished instrument in better understanding the geography of earth. We offer an impressive collection of quality globes for only a fraction of what these expensive pieces sell for with our competitors.

The Diplomat Globe Blue, 32-inch Illuminated is an Elite Choice

Our refined Diplomat Globe Blue, 32-inch Illuminated, is among the finest choices you could make for a globe exudes elegance with the promises of a lasting investment. Adorn your home or office with this handcrafted masterpiece! This hand papered 32-inch sphere rests in a gorgeous mahogany cradle. The Diplomat Globe Blue, 32-inch Illuminated is 51 inches tall and will make a stately addition to your conference table as a centerpiece or even on display in your home study. When it comes to the magnificent art of globe making, the Diplomat Globe Blue, is one of a kind.

Magnum Plus Duo

Always Sleek and Professional: The Magnum Plus Duo Globe

The impressive Magnum Plus Duo Globe makes a statement all its own. With its classy stainless steel-brushed stand and uniform full swing meridian, you are sure to amaze anyone who visits your home or office and sees this one of a kind globe. Standing 68 inches tall, the illuminated Magnum Plus Duo Globe demands attention to even the finest of its carefully crafted details. This fully functional globe offers superb cartography and is easy to maneuver for adults and children alike. The Magnum Plus Duo Globe is a wonderful choice for those seeking a sleek and professional globe, designed to last the test of time.

Value at its Finest with the Statesman Globe 20-inch, Blue Illuminated

Statesman Globe
This gorgeous and stately Statesman Globe 20-inch, Blue Illuminated is a majestic sight with its softly illuminated sphere and hand cut, hand applied map details. Standing at 37 inches tall, this quality globe features antique style oceans, custom handcrafted design and an elegance unlike any other. When you choose the Statesman Globe 20-inch, Blue Illuminated, you choose a stunning globe that is distinctive and full of rich design. This globe features a walnut finished base, carved in hardwood with a full swing, plus an expertly engraved solid brass meridian. For unparalleled value and class, the Statesman Globe 20-inch, Blue Illuminated is the best choice for your home office, or even classroom.Offering the largest selection of finely crafted world globes we are proud to offer you timeless décor that can suit any space. 

Top quality, affordable pricing, and satisfaction guaranteed is provided at Replogle Globes
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Friday, December 9, 2016

Holiday Shopping Suggestions: 5 Desktop Globes Gift Ideas

Holiday presents should be elegant, sophisticated and useful. Globes satisfy all three of these requirements. Tis the season to be jolly and generous. Take a look at these desktop globes as you consider what gifts are suitable for your family, friends and coworkers. These desktop globes are compact, easy to move and provide an elegant addition to your interior decor. Here are five options to explore this holiday season.

Globe 4 Kids

Our first option makes a great gift for the younger crowd. Geography is such a crucial part of a child's education about the world around them. The Globe 4 Kids has over 125 illustrations of people, landmarks and wildlife. The 10-inch sphere features blue oceans and is illuminated by an internal LED. The sphere is mounted on a silver colored plastic base and has a semi-meridian of the same color.  The bright colors and fascinating descriptions are sure to hold the attention of your little adventurer for a long time to come.

There is something particularly appealing about the old school charm of the Premier from Replogle Globes. Antique oceans, raised relief, and a brass plated full meridian are reminiscent of a bygone era. The rich and luxurious cherry wooden base is sure to a please a teacher, professor, or other professional. This three-dimensional representation of Planet Earth is sure to be an eye catching centerpiece for a coffee table or bookcase. The globe is an excellent reference tool containing the latest information regarding geopolitical boundaries in its own right. However, the wooden base also features a compartment for a hardcover copy of the Rand McNally Premier Word Atlas. The Premier is 12-inches in diameter the stand and sphere reach a height of 18 inches. A classic globe                                              with antique styling this is a welcome addition to any professional setting.


The Freedom from Replogle Globes is a sensational choice for a holiday present. Lovers of nature and American heritage will share an interest in this one of a kind figure of the Earth. The 12-inch sphere rests a top a bronze colored relief of an eagle. The wings of the eagle are spread in flight invoking a commanding and powerful presence. The majestic and metallic eagle rests on a wooden base. The cherry finished wood is an excellent complement to the die cast full meridian. The reference value of this globe is equal to its aesthetic appeal. The antique styled maps has raised reliefs and detailed descriptions of geopolitical boundaries. The Freedom is another excellent choice for office décor. A conference room would definitely be enhanced by the impressive nature of this centerpiece.

The Mariner is a unique globe from Waypoint Geographic that features both ocean topography and cartography. This globe provides a level of detailed information regarding the ocean floor that is not provided on most globes. The geopolitical boundaries are updated with each production cycle ensuring that the most relevant information is provided. The sphere features blue oceans and is mounted a top of two-tiered wood base. The deep burgundy of the wooden base is an beautiful complement to the rest of the globe.


There are world globes and then there are commanding centerpieces. And there are fantastic globes like this one that are both. If you are looking for a masterful model of Planet Earth look no further. The Mythical Atlas supports this sphere on his shoulders, recounting the tale of antiquity. Atlas stoically bears the consequences for his misdeeds, his muscular body carved from bronze relief flex under the weight of the Earth. The 12-inch sphere stand 20 inches tall when mounted a top its stand. Antique oceans and bronze continents are depicted in raised relief with political boundaries. The Atlas features a full meridian allows maximum maneuverability. This work of art will find a wonderful new home on your coffee table, dining room, library or bookshelf.

For information on these and other globes, please take a look at our website. Additional inspiration for holiday gifts is also there. We have several globes that would make ideal presents for both children and adults available in various sizes and models. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Holiday Shopping Guide For Children's Globes: Our Top 5 Gift Options

It is that time of year again, thoughts of fireplaces, mistletoe, holly branches and pumpkin spice lattes begin to enter our minds. Ah yes along with less relaxing thoughts, the challenges of planning Thanksgiving dinner and purchasing Christmas presents. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is both exhilarating and exhausting but fear not this list will help simplify your holiday shopping for the children on your list. Use this handy reference guide to help you decide on gifts for the little people in your life. The following gifts are great options regardless of the role you play in a child's life.  Whether your are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, these toys will enhance the intellectual and social development of a little person. Educational toys are one of the best presents you can give for the Winter Holidays. Instead of frivolous things that will quickly and easily be discarded in a quest for more excitement these options will be enjoyed long after the New Year.

#1 Scout Globe

Scout II
This model of the Scout II Globe features an internal LED light. This feature is controlled by an inline switch on the electrical cord. This unique globe can also serve double duty as a nightlight. How cool is that! The compact size of this globe makes it easy to transport at 12-inches in diameter it is quite manageable for little hands. It rests on a rotating base which makes navigation simple, it moves in any direction for easy viewing of all the continents. Planet Earth has been encapsulated in this spherical model. Over 4,000 descriptions of landmarks, bodies of water, capital cities and places of interest dot the landscape of this sphere. Nightlight meets globe, your little person can dream of transcontinental adventures with this educational toy on their nightstand. The Scout II would be a welcome addition in your home or classroom.

#2 Intelliglobe II

Intelliglobe II
The Intelliglobe II. Globe meets video game, multipurpose fun seems to be a theme this year. An educational toy that can be updated to grow along with your child, what a great prospect! Instead of a toy that gets outdated in a few days, weeks or months this globe will hold your child's attention for years to come. The Intelliglobe is accompanied by the Intellipen and World Discovery Book to enhance children's knowledge of geography and anthropology. Over two-and-a-half hours of geography trivia are included in this device. Additional fun facts regarding various countries can be found in the informational booklet. New activities and information can be downloaded from a mobile app

#3 Earth and Constellations

Earth and Constellations
What a cute little globe, for a cute little person! At 9-inches in diameter the Earth and Constellations Globe is the perfect size for little hands. This model features a semi-meridian and blue oceans. These bright colors are sure to keep your child's attention while doing homework assignments or thinking of places to travel. This globe can be used to learn about the continents and the constellations. In one compact device your little scholar can learn about astronomy, geography and anthropology. This globe can be powered by the accompanying AC adapter or by 4 C Batteries which are not included.

#4 Treasury

Desktop globe, or floor globe, usually you have to choose between the two. The Treasury is a unique globe because it provides two display options, this globe can be mounted on its stand and comes to a height of 32 inches. If placed on a coffee table or desktop it can be displayed there. A solid metal base and full swing meridian offers maximum maneuverability when placed on its stand. The bright colors of the Treasury are appealing to children and spark interest whether you are studying a geography lesson or planning a family vacation. This quality globe offers appeal both for its aesthetic appeal and functional use as a reference tool.

#5 Smart Infinity Globe

Smart Infinity Globe
Connectivity to ioS and Android apps means that your little adventurer has constant access to new information. Unlike other toys that can become outdated the Smart Infinity Globe constantly offers new levels of challenge and exploration. Over 2.5 hours of educational content are contained in this device. The Smart Pen features a built in speaker and allows little scholars to record audio notes and find landmarks on the globe. Multiple players modes and categories make for plenty of options for fun and exciting games with the Smart Infinity Globe.