Monday, August 1, 2016

The Coolest Features of a Globe (and Why You Should Buy One)

       Globes have been around for centuries, however some people think that they are now obsolete. In reality, they're just as useful today as they were several years ago. Globes are meaningful today because they offer a fully three-dimensional view of the planet in a portable and practical way. Depending on the specific globe, they may also provide 3-D topographical information, data on trade routes, and other details

You Can Find Countries in the News

       News reports are frequently a way to learn about new places. Television programs frequently provide information about lesser known countries and capitals. It's common to see news reports about countries that weren't even in the general consciousness a few years ago. Occasionally we learn about new places because of references in the media.

Many people end up wondering where on the map these places are,  but the news reports rarely show the geographic location. Using a globe makes it easy to see exactly where countries are located. It can take a while to find a country on a globe the first time, especially when news reports only give vague descriptions like "in the Middle East" or "in Africa," but once the location has been pinpointed, it is unlikely to be forgotten. This is because you'll be able to see where it is in relation to places you already know about. Once you see it on the globe, you'll also be able to understand what the reports  are about. Difficulties related to airbase placement, shipping lanes, and other important factors involving the nearby countries and geographical features take on new meaning.
An artistic and educational globe- Crystal Marquise

You Can Learn About an Area's Geography Without Actually Going There

     Globes show geographical landmarks such as mountains and rivers.  A high quality globe will render the topography in 3-D, which makes it even easier to tell their relative heights and depths. An understanding of geography and topography aids in understanding geopolitical boundaries and social development. With an understand of geography it is easier to follow the growth of nations and exploration and settlement patterns. Climate can be fairly accurately predicted by distance from the equator. A place's proximity to the ocean is also a factor in determining weather patterns. Just by looking at the globe you can determine what season it is in a particular hemisphere. You can also tell what kind of weather is typical to that region. Patterns of precipitation such as snow, rain and sleet can be identified. Prediction can be made about ares that are likely to have hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, monsoon or other inclement weather. This knowledge is applicable for travel plans or determining where to live.

Globes Make it Easy to Teach Children About the Planet

A three-dimensional model of the world makes it easy to visualize where certain countries and landmarks are. Children have a limited knowledge base for geography and having a 3-D image of places they learn about can help them better understand the world around them.
Even adults have plenty of trouble visualizing where things are when they can't see 3D images of them on a globe. This is even worse for children because they have a limited base of already-known locations. Pointing everything out on the globe will make it easy for kids to learn and grown-ups to refresh their memories. There are even kid-friendly globes that are designed to make this easier.
 These are just some of the reasons that globes are still meaningful despite their ancient origin. Some of our decorative globes can be used as interior design accents. This makes them some of the most useful accents a home can have.
To learn more about our globes or get help choosing the best one for your needs, just contact us. We'll be glad to suggest the perfect ones for your needs.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

16-Inch Desktop Globes.... Why so hard to find?

Rockford Globe
Finding a 16-inch desktop globe is a hard find, especially when you are looking for a non-education (school) globe. Typically most manufacturers stay away from globes this size due to the level of interest. Lets face it, a 16-inch globe is pretty big and most desks are not very accommodating when you have your 27-inch iMac taking up most of the space.

We have teamed up with Replogle manufacturing to produce a simple style that delivers. The Rockford globe (in limited quantity) uses the 16-inch Antique globe ball found on many Replogle Floor Standing globes, that includes raised relief features. The gyro (full swing meridian) mounting allows thew globe to sit in place and easily be maneuvered into any view point.

What to be mindful of when selecting this globe is (a) space. If your placing the globe on a large table in your home or conference room, you should be fine. However, if you are trying to fit in on the end table next to your sofa between the remote and the table lamp, you may want to consider a 12-inch or smaller size.

You can find out more about the Rockford globe by visiting the Replogle Globe Store.

Monday, April 6, 2015

3-Steps to Determining a Globes Age

Many people inquire with us about how to determine the age of their globe. Perhaps you found a globe while cleaning out the attic, at a garage sale or it has been handed down within your family. Dating an old globe can be fairly easy and comes down to a simple game of elimination, which in itself can be a true test of how well you know your geography!

While manufacturers differ on the types of information that is included on their maps, if you have identified your item as a Replogle Globe, you can use the "How Old is Your Globe" chart provided at the Replogle Globe Stores website.

Here are the basic steps to determine your globes age:

1. Using the How Old is Your Globe chart, start at the top of the list of New Names in the left column. Helpful Hint: In the right column we have listed the approximate location of the place you are looking for (to test your knowledge, try not to use the right column, its like a cheat sheet).

Globe Dating Chart
2. Once you have reached a point in the list that you can no longer find the new name, check to see if the former name is present.

3. Once you have found a former name, check the date column, this is the approximate age of your globe. We encourage you to look at a few additional names down the list just to make sure the update to that name was not delayed for some reason.

There are very few globe manufacturers still in operation around the world. Some of the oldest globe manufacturers that are still in business are still relatively young around the 70 to 100 year mark. So if you are trying to date a globe older than 70 years or so, you may want to consult an expert or visit our friends at Murray Hudson. They also provide a nice dating chart that goes back to 1817 when New Holland became Australia.

If you would like a globe that you can keep current. The Replogle Globe Store offers the full line of Replogle Globes. Many of the traditional globes are offered with our "Updatable Globe Program", where you can purchase a new globe ball at a discount when there are changes in the world.

Have Fun Dating Your Globe!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Back to Austin (the globe)

Replogle Globes announced earlier this year that it will bring back the Austin Globe to its fine selection of classic floor standing globes. Its plans are to make this item available in both a Blue and Antique style map. The Austin is a 16-inch globe ball with illumination that is set with a full die-cast numbered meridian in a cradle style hardwood stand.

The Austin had been a part of the Replogle catalog in years past and was taken off in recent years.

We believe one of the reasons for bringing back one of our favorites is the affordable price point that consumers have asked for. While not an inexpensive globe, it is one of the better choices when looking for an illuminated globe under $1k.

Find out more details about the Austin Globe by visiting our website!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Discovery Has Landed! (sorry.... ended)

Over the years Replogle Globes has partnered with Discovery developing and publishing a line of globes developed and sold under the Discovery brand. We have learned in the last several weeks that this branding co-op has ended, bringing an end to the availability of these items.

While it is not quite known why the two mega-brands decided to move in separate directions or if they will come back together sometime in the future one thing is for sure, Replogle has not let up in their position as the worlds leader in the manufacturing of its well know product line.

In fact, Replogle has added an additional 6 items to its line up this year, and we are excited to bring them to you. Keep checking our blog for future reviews of these new items as they are released, including the new Kingsly, Adams, Bartlett and Nicollet Globes which are manufactured and sold under the National Geographic brand!

If you have not considered a globe for your home or office, we encourage you to take a look at how these classic items can add a touch of flair and sophistication to any setting.

Friday, October 24, 2014

New: Salem Globe by Replogle

New product out of production in the Replogle line is the new Salem Globe. The Salem features a natural and walnut two-tone wood base. This base matches and complements the antique globe and antique brass plated die-cast semi-meridian perfectly. The 12 inch diameter globe also features raised relief to help you gain a better perspective of the contours of our world.

The semi-meridian style mounting is a standard mounting found on many of the Replogle 12 inch desktop globes and allows for easy turning of the globe while viewing either right or left. The two toned walnut wood base is a nice change from the single color cherry finished bases found on many of the Replogle items. In our opinion a great color variation for decor purposes for the home or office.

The overall size has a width of 13 inches including the meridian and depth of 12 inches the size of the globe ball. The overall height is 16 inches and weighs approximately 4 pounds.

We are looking forward to seeing customer pictures of how they fit this item into their personal home or office decor. If you would like to submit your design photo, please email to our customer support and receive a special discount on future orders. We may even include it in an upcoming Facebook post!

Click here to check out the new Salem Globe at Replogle Globe Store!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

New: Stevens Globe by Replogle

A new product release in the Replogle line is the Stevens Globe. The Stevens is both a contemporary and classic floor standing globe. Its design features hand turned legs and elegantly layered top ring. This stand creates the perfect setting for the 16 inch antique ocean raised relief globe that is held by an antique brass plated die-cast meridian.

The full swing meridian allows the globe to swing forward and backward as well as the globe being turned left and right. This mounting is perfect for being able to view the entire globe.  The 16 inch globe size is standard for floor globes and the antique parchment style map is the same used on most Replogle 16 inch floor standing globes, featuring over 4,000 current named places and points of interest.

The overall size has a width and depth of 24 inches and overall height of 39 inches, considered to be on the slightly taller sizes for chair side viewing. The wood stand is finished in a darker walnut finish and the overall weight of the globe and stand is 18 pounds.

The wood stand is a similar style to that of the Saratoga which is a smaller 12 inch floor standing globe featuring the same map. If space allows we suggest the larger style of the Steves over the Saratoga as the points of interest are larger and easier to read on the 16 inch globe ball.

Click here to check out the new Stevens Globe at Replogle Globe Store!